Wine Country Personality - Barbara & Walt Gruber

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hcg_1.jpgLiving the Dream
Healdsburg Country Gardens

In l993, we sold a large home nearby and moved to our 25-acre fixer-upper farm property. We named it Healdsburg Country Gardens which was a stretch of the imagination since it had mostly junk piles and weeds. It had a compound of four homes and two barns and 20 acres of unplanted farmland. When our grown children saw the property, they thought we lost our minds! Later, we learned that "the kids" held discussions wondering what we were thinking buying this place. (Note: Now...they "get it".)

We refurbished all three vacation rental houses. We added landscaping while preserving existing majestic oaks and redwoods. Luckily, long ago someone planted a cork oak tree in a perfect spot. Over a few years, we planted our vineyards. We did lots of work ourselves with family and friends pitching in. The huge redwood barn was built in l902--lucky us having this gorgeous barn. We made it the focal point of our garden--it is perfect for gatherings with family and friends.
Now, our family and friends say we "had the vision" ...
we say "our wine country dreams came true."
Our three vacation homes are rented all through the year. Our guests love staying on a property with vineyards that is close to Healdsburg Plaza. They want privacy and to experience the wine country lifestyle.

Walking through a vineyard with your morning coffee is a great way to do that!
Our Country Cottage is perfect for two guests. The Country Home and Country Farmhouse each accommodate up to six guests. Our lodging guests say they "feel like locals" when they are here -- that's music to our ears. After a day of exploring the wine country, they come "home" to Healdsburg Country Gardens to watch our grapes grow from their private hot tubs.

hgc_2.jpgAfter a career as a computer engineer, Walt retired early and reinvented himself as a grape grower. We grow Sauvignon Blanc for nearby Rodney Strong Winery and
for Ledson Winery in Kenwood. We have an acre and a half of Zinfandel for family wine. Walt gathered cuttings of old vine zinfandel from friends' vineyards and budded it on to rootstock. As a family wine maker, his learning curve continues. Barbara is a product developer and writer of products for K-6 students and teachers published by a variety of publishers. Besides handling marketing and lodging reservations, she at work on a novel set in the wine country.

We can walk to Healdsburg Plaza in 20 minutes...our location is in the country but  close to town. We enjoy the wineries nearby, the shops and the great restaurants in Healdsburg every bit as much as our lodging guests.

Healdsburg Country Gardens is our home and the best place in the world to wake up every morning. We count our blessings and know we are living the dream.

Barbara & Walt Gruber, Owners

Healdsburg Country Gardens Vacation Homes
4 seasons ~ 4 reasons to visit our wine country  707 431-8630

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Great article.
I sell real estate here in the wine country, both counties. Because I came here from the Silicon Valley 5 years ago most of the clients I work with are from the pennisula coming up here to find their dream. And this is it, what you've discussed here, this is the most wonderful life.

I really enjoyed reading your story. It sounds like the two of you made your vacation rentals really nice. I would love to come and visit one weekend


Enjoyed reading how The Country Gardens developed into what it is today. We have Windrose Romantic Cottages, and we have had our guests go to weddings at your location.

Enjoyed the article.

Continued success.

Windrose Romantic Cottages

After I have read the article there is
only one sentence to express myself:

I admire you guys!!!

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