Wine Tasting in the Winter Time

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arcadySnow.jpgMost people think the best time to visit Wine Country is during the Spring and Summer. But, wine tasting during the Winter season is just as fun. Read what Erika of Arcady Wine Tours and Bed and Breakfast in Virginia has to say....

Wine Tasting in the Winter Time
"Guests are always asking me when the best time to go wine tasting would be. My answer ? "It depends!"The cooler weather of Spring starts showing the grass and flowers starting to bud as well as the grape vines. It's not hot yet so the tasting rooms are not so busy. Many wines are released at this time so there are lots to choose from for your tastings."

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What's your take?  When's the best time to visit Wine Country?

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Thank you Arcady Wine Tours and B&B for enlightening this innkeeper, I did not even realize the wineries are open all year long! We have guests who tend to skip the wine tours this time of year believing that the warmer months are the only times to visit. Now I know better!

Shellie at The Claiborne House B&B in Rocky Mount Virginia. I will keep my eyes tuned to this website for more info.

What a wonderful description of wine tours! I need her to write the copy for my own wine package with a WV winery.

Winter is a lovely time for the tours as pointed out. The beauty of the winery with a coating of snow, the chill in the air, and the warmth of the fireplace that envelops you as you walk in to the tasting room from the cold... To sit in front of the fireplace and sip a glass of wine... Aaaahhhhh. Thank you, Erika for putting it into words.

What a wonderful tour. We were not too familiar with the Virginia wines and were very impressed. This was a great way to spend the day. We will definately be back to take it again and have already recommended it to several friends.

thank you for the wonderful tour. the wines, your bread and breakfast and your service were all outstanding
we will be back!

I'd say the majority of people visit in summer and fall. We too are trying to break through the peak season barrier in promoting our area in Colorado's wine country, the Grand Valley. Spring, summer and fall are the popular times to visit our area wineries. In spring, it's beautiful, the orchards are in bloom. Spring & summer offer barrel tastings and other wine related events. In fall, we have a spectacular seasonal color change and the Colorado Mountain Winefest.
It isn't well known that most of our wineries are open year round,7 days a week. Here in the "banana belt" we have relatively mild weather, not much snow either, any time is a good time to visit. But everyone seems to think we have 10 feet of snow, probably because of generalized weather reports on the news! Today, in January, it's sunny, clear, warm enough to just wear a windbreaker and most of the snow has melted off, it looks and feels like early spring. We're only 3.5 hours from Denver and 5 hours from Salt Lake, so it's a nice day trip for folks to get out of the big city...

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