Chillin' on the Coast

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There's nothing like a last minute getaway. It's a snap decision - you look around, grab your overnight bag, and hit the road.

High tourist season and holiday weekends aside, finding last minute accommodations on the road can either be surprisingly easy, or an opportunity to accidentally end up camping in your car. There's a couple of wine country communities that you can almost always bet will provide you quick and easy lodging - anything from the basic room and board to lovely bed and breakfast's that just happen to have an opening waiting for you.

Fort Bragg is certainly a town that will help fold you into their quiet way of life. Reservations at the hotels, motels and other lodging is usually as easy as picking up the phone, or stopping by the office. A convenient aspect of this former logging town is that you can frequently book for one-night only stays vs. the two night minimums that many visitor-focused communities require on weekends.

There are plenty of local coffee shops to catch a thick cuppa joe and early breakfasts or even late lunches, but Fort Bragg also boasts a couple of top-rated restaurants that will allow you to fill your fine dining need.

Getting to Fort Bragg is part of the pleasure. There are several routes that will take you through dense redwood forests, world-class wine growing regions, or spectacular ocean-side routes. Coming and going to Fort Bragg, either way gives you opportunities to reflect on the majesty of the environment, as well as spend some serious car time with friends and family.

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