And Now, From Mat to Canvas

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paintingwkshp.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

When new Napa standout Ubuntu broke onto the scene last year with its highly acclaimed yoga studio/organic restaurant concept, it seemed things couldn't get much better for R&R seekers in wine country. Until now, that is. In a welcome move, Ubuntu just announced a new series of yoga and painting workshops that rightly take relaxation to a whole new level.
Restful Inspiration
Here's the scoop: On Saturday, August 9 and again on Sunday, October 18th, yogis with a creative bent will be treated to a guided yoga class with instructor Sharon Dawson followed by lunch at the studio's acclaimed Ubuntu Restaurant (The New York Times recently named Ubuntu the second-best restaurant in America, an impressive feat for a spot focused entirely on vegetarian fare). From there the group will decamp to Truchard Vineyard in Carneros to create paintings inspired by "meditative observations" - sentiments in no doubt encouraged by the morning's yoga session. Note: Anyone still in need of relaxation after all this may be beyond help.

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