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Get Thee to Sonoma This Weekend!

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tasteofsonoma.pngBy Courtney Cochran

Hamlet - the Danish prince at the center of the eponymous Shakespearean tragedy - had some fairly significant problems on the brain when he coined the now-famous phrase, "get thee to a nunnery" in a particularly dramatic scene in the acclaimed play.  Happily, those considering heading to Sonoma this Labor Day weekend have much less troublesome reasons to get themselves thither - three food- and wine-filled days' worth of reasons, to be specific.

Wine & Food Festivals

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winecheese.gifConserve gas. Taste hundreds of wines paired with an array of foods all in one spot!

We are all in the same boat. Gas prices around the country have reached an all time with most people paying at least $4.00/gallon. Trips to the grocery store are now debated with "Do we really need milk? Can we wait until we run out of a few other items before we make a trip? Is there a list because we can't make multiple trips...". As a result, some think traveling to Wine Country is out of the question. Can you imagine driving from winery to winery while your precious gas is siphoned off by roads  Out of the question you reply.

And Now, From Mat to Canvas

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paintingwkshp.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

When new Napa standout Ubuntu broke onto the scene last year with its highly acclaimed yoga studio/organic restaurant concept, it seemed things couldn't get much better for R&R seekers in wine country. Until now, that is. In a welcome move, Ubuntu just announced a new series of yoga and painting workshops that rightly take relaxation to a whole new level.