Traveling on a Budget? No Problem!

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couple.jpgSummer is almost over?! Yet, there you sit in your cube or office dreaming about a vacation you have yet to take. Understandably, ridiculously high gas prices and a weak economy have probably made you hold your wallet a bit tighter. What's more, dreams won't cost you any money. True, but going insane and becoming the next Office Space Milton with a Swingline stapler is not advisable either!

So get your head out of the clouds, and plan a short weekend getaway at least. Take heart, the hospitality industry is not oblivious to your "on a budget" plight. And what better way to rest and relax then in the beautiful lush surroundings of wine country. To help you out, regularly posts great deals from Hotels, B&Bs, Wineries, Spas and Attractions that will help you plan an affordable wine country trip to your region of choice.

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Share with us how you save money when you travel to Wine Country...

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