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anaimal_hotel.jpgDog Daycare + Hotel
For all those that do not have a dog as a pet, you might be wondering what is all the fuss about with these increasingly pampered pooches. Because although every dog owner will probably tell you their dog is oh so cute, we all know the reality -  fair amount of dogs out there just look plain ugly.

Well apparently it's not enough to carry them around and dress them up like dolls, feed them premium grade food, or talk to them in a completely different language. Now they too must have a place to stay when traveling and in wine country no less. No, I'm not referring to lodging places that welcome pets and boast they are "pet friendly or dog friendly".

Recently, Ruff - a dog daycare and hotel opened in Napa. According to their brochure, Ruff is "a boutique hotel catered just for the most important thing in your life - your dog." While they claim to aceept all types of dogs, it clearly says "all dogs require a temperament interview".  So now dogs have interviews. Next they'll be hired for jobs!

anaimal_hotel.jpgOnce your pooch has passed the interview, they are offered the ultimate in care whether they will be there from 9 to 5 while you're at work or need to drop them off for an overnight stay Ruff pomises to "pamper, amuse, nourish, and spoil" your dog until you return.  Oh, and they offer Spa Services as well that include full service baths, manis + pedis, trims, teeth cleaning and much more.

So, if you're traveling to Napa Wine Country and want your dog to have a vacation too then Ruff Hotel is the place for you...errr...your dog. 

For those that are not dog owners - you like me are probably shaking your head...

Doggy Daycare + Hotel
49 Enterprise Court
Napa, CA 94558
(707) 258.2020

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