Atrium, at Greenock Creek

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The_Atrium_-_Barossa.jpgBy Robert Farmer

If you happen to find yourself in Southern Australia--which I root for you to do--let me know what you think of the new vineyard residences called Atrium, at Greenock Creek, at the renowned resort and spa, The Louise, in the hot hot wine region of Barossa.  Because everything I've heard about them makes it sound like a place I can't wait to check in to.

The reality of that scenario is probably a few months away, though the timing of that would make it perfectly in sync with summer.

The new property features contemporary three-bedroom residences situated on a private 42-acre swath of land overlooking the entire Barossa Valley, one of the world's great burgeoning wine regions. The homes at Atrium come with all the expected modern creature comforts. But beyond that, guests are greeted with stocked wine fridge, including some thirty bottles of local vintages. What's more, Atrium guests are offered private access to the chef and staff of the onsite restaurant, Appellation, who will come to the house to prepare made-to-order dinners for guests and, presumably, their guests. You are also provided access to a personal "house manager," on call to ensure your every need is tended to.

So please, won't you let me know how that goes? I'm presuming it beats roughing it for a week in the Outback.

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This might be a great property BUT Collingrove Homestead - one of the grandest houses in the Barossa - some 150 years old may not be as grand from a modern view point but if you enjoy real style and heritage then I would choose Collingrove any day.


Went and visited Greenock just last week, was pleasantly surprised at how much there was to do. Stayed at the express inn Greenock. Went shopping in The Oak Mall is a mall with 80 shops. Clothes shops, book shops, travel agencies..... You will find them in the Oakmall. It's really great to walk around. When we were in town the tall ship Prince William was moored up. Officially called a brig the ship was only built in 2001 at a cost of £5.5 million. Pretty impressed and would go back any day

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