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Beer Steps Aside for Colorado Wine

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boulderfwfest.jpgBy Robert Farmer

Boulder, Colorado: If you're like me, the beverage you equate most with the Rockies is beer - one particular type of beer, more likely. For as long as anyone can remember, the taste of the Rocky Mountains was a hops-and-barley taste. Beer in Colorado is king. That is, until now.

Like each of its 49 neighbor states, Colorado, too, has an emerging wine industry. And now that industry is starting to inch into the territory of its dominant sister beverage. While it will certainly be some time before beer is replaced on the throne, wine in Colorado is proving to be a worthy prince.

Go Go Camp Mendo

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By Robert Farmer

Those familiar with this space know that I am a fan of "immersion learning." Especially when it comes to wine appreciation, there's no better way to "go deep" into it than to live it for a few solid days. Wine camps are a great way to do it. And increasingly, regions are offering innovative, educational, and above all fun, opportunities to experience wine like you never have.

Mendocino gets into the act with Wine Camp 2008, a three-day, three-night immersion into Northern California wine and all of its various nuances and tendencies. I like this Wine Camp because it takes place in one of California's lesser-known regions and provides "insider info" to the intrepid camp-goer about one of Northern California's under-discovered gems. And, with each camp limited to just eight campers, it promises to be an intimate excursion, with ample opportunity to get one-on-one contact with winemakers and other participants.

Go Go Bordeaux

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vins.jpgBy Robert Farmer

I have to admit I don't often have travel envy. I've been fortunate in and mostly satisfied with my life's travel experiences. And when I hear of the experiences of others, I rarely find myself in an "I'm jealous of that" situation. But if I had an "I'd rather be..." bumper sticker on my car right now it would be completed with the phrase "...At the Bordeaux Fete Le Vin, 2008."

I can't imagine a more perfect place to spend the early days of summer -- admitting, of course, that I'd have to be willing to battle the throng of some 350,000 people expected to spill into France's most famous wine regions from the 26th to the 29th of June.

Willamette Valley Wonder

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By Courtney Cochran

theTastingRm.jpgWILLAMETTE VALLEY, OR - A big thanks to Jim White over at the NapaMan (napaman.com) blog for tipping me off to the wine wonders available for sampling and sale at The Tasting Room (pinot-noir.com) in Carlton, OR.  Situated smack dab in the middle of the Willamette Valley - Oregon's Pinot Noir heartland - The Tasting Room offers tastes and bottle sales of 40-50 of the state's best under-the-radar producers, many of whose wines aren't available for sale anywhere else.

Acme: Getting Finer All the Time

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By Courtney Cochran

acmeWines.jpgST. Helena, CA - Psst!  One of Napa's best-kept secrets is no longer quite so hush hush. Acme Fine Wines (acmefinewines.com) - Karen Williams' and David Stevens' cult-popular St. Helena wine shop - has moved from its cramped signless location to a legitimate retail store complete with temperature-controlled storage lockers, a wine tasting bar and new staff on hand to help steer walk-ins towards the hard-to-find bottles Acme is famous for.