Wine Country Personality: Father Daughter Wine Country Aviators

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What did you dream of experiencing when you grew up?

When she was young, most little girls she knew dreamed of becoming an actress or dancer. She dreamed of traveling the globe on exciting adventures.

When she grew up, she became an aviator and world traveler.

When he was a small boy, most his friends dreamed of becoming doctors or baseball players. Growing up he spent countless hours pouring over maps of the world imagining visiting these exotic far away places, from the jungles of the Amazon to the snowy peaks of Asia

When he grew up, he became a pilot.

But not just any pilot.

Today, Art Hayssen is one of the most respected pilots, flight instructors and aviation safety advocates in Northern California. He's become a celebrity in his community and respected authority in the field of Aviation training.

Art has given back to the aviation community by helping thousands of others fulfill their dreams of flight. He's led numerous pilots over the years on wilderness and mountain flying expeditions as far as the tundra and ice fields of the North Polar region.

But Art's favorite student and traveling partner isn't who'd you'd expect. That person is Nancy, his one and only daughter and best friend.

Together they've seen the temples of Asia, the castles of Europe, the Egyptian pyramids and the remote areas of the Kalahari Desert

This pair has been traveling the world, flying the skies, and experiencing life while enjoying a great relationship and business partnership. Nancy Hayssen and her father Art own and operate several businesses in Sonoma County, California that are tailored to sharing their love of aviation and enthusiasm for life's adventures.

You might find Art at North Coast Air, a successful airplane rental and flight school he owns and operates, located at the Sonoma County Airport. 

"I developed North Coast Air as an alternative to other aircraft rental and flight schools I experienced as a student and renter. Many of my early instructors were on a fast track to other aviation jobs, using instruction as a time builder to apply for major airline jobs. They found little joy in teaching, even annoyed that they needed to build experience in that way."

Art's main goal was making sure students are working with instructors who love their job and love flying. Art himself has been flying for over 30 years and still has a passion for flight and it clearly shows.

Over the years, thousands of students and colleagues have benefited from his valuable time and energy he has generously given back to the local community. Not only has he succeeded at building a business in Sonoma County but he has helped other people succeed in manifesting their dreams as well.

That's one reason why Nancy became a successful entrepreneur at such an early age. In 1998, along with her father's wisdom, support and knowledge, she started Unique Travel Adventures, the first organized scenic air tour company in the North San Francisco Bay Area.

Through exciting air tours, they've given many people the unique experience and thrill of flying over hidden California - seeing landscapes only accessible via air.

People get to experience flying in their own personal aircraft, with their own private pilot, and even get a taste of the Wine Country before they take off on their flight by sipping local good wine if they choose. These tours allow others to see with their own eyes many amazing views most people will never see in a lifetime.

"It's truly a once in a lifetime exclusive experience people remember forever and get excited to share with their friends and family," says Nancy. "We love to see the smiles on peoples faces after they experience the joy of seeing the world from a whole new perspective."

On these tours you'll fly over the famous Sonoma and Napa wine regions, along Pt. Reyes National Seashore, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Pier 39, the lights of the San Francisco Bay at sunset, Marin County houseboat community, majestic redwoods, beautiful Pacific Ocean, the copper & gold-clad Odiyan Buddhist Monastery, the rivers, valleys, rivers, mountains and more.

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