Just Paso the Time

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By Robert Farmer

I love little insidery things – tidbits that make me feel like I might have just a little more info than the next guy. Whether it’s true or not is usually not important, so long as that’s the way I feel. So it was six years or so ago when I made my first real trek through California’s central coast wine country and learned that the locals refer to Paso Robles simply as “Paso.” I didn’t ask and they didn’t tell. It was just something I picked up listening to them talk. Simple? Sure. Rather meaningless? Perhaps. But the upshot of the story is “Paso” is also shorthand for a great wine-producing region. There’s no better chance to find out for yourself than during Harvest Wine Tour, taking place later this month October 19-21. The jam-packed weekend features more than 100 individual events at about 90 wineries, and only the most energetic visitor will catch them all. Instead, plan ahead and map out your best personal itinerary, which might include anything from jeep tour to a grape stomp, or a food-wine pairing and a cooking class. Point is, there’s tons going on and it’s all part of the party in Paso. Now you’re on the inside. Check out www.pasowine.com for more.

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