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Tomato Time

By Deirdre Bourdet

Anyone raised eating hydroponically grown tomatoes year round must, at some point in their life, attend a tomato event in an agricultural community. Conveniently, August and September bring with them numerous opportunities to taste the ubiquitous fruit in its full seasonal glory.

The first sign of tomato season is the return of Azzurro Pizzeria's locally-beloved BBLT manciata--a perfectly seasoned thin pizza crust served hot out of the oven, and topped with a mountain of bacon, blue cheese, iceberg lettuce, and tomato.  Hot, cold, salty, juicy, creamy, crunchy, meaty, cheesy, and 100% delicious, the cult following of this dish is explained with your first bite.

Pigs & Pinot: The Perfect Pairing

***Find 2010 info HERE. Event is March 19-20, 2010!***

HEALDSBURG, CA - Don't miss this year's Fourth Annual Celebration of Pigs & Pinot 2009 event, March 20-21, 2009 at Hotel Healdsburg. The weekend will include a series of intimate dining and educational events hosted by renowned Chef Palmer.

Tickets can be purchased directly online and there are several lodging packages available at Hotel Healdsburg which include access to all Pigs & Pinot events, including exclusive access to the Gala Dinner. But space is limited; so make sure you make advance reservations now!