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What Should a Newbie Do in Sonoma?

redwine.jpgDo you consider yourself a "newbie" when it comes to wine and it's your first visit to Sonoma Wine Country? Then you're reading the right article! has several resources that will help you start planning your visit:

Speaking of our message boards, see what some of our most knowledgeable members recently said when asked the following about where to go for wine tasting in Sonoma County:

"I am planning a surprise 40th birthday trip for my husband in September. I am staying in Healdsburg. We will be there for 4 days and are not well versed in wines. Can someone suggest some ""must" experiences for us to do. What would be the best wineries for people like us?" - Wascallywabbit (3/24/11)

"You don't need to be 'well versed' in wines to enjoy wine country, that is the first thing you need to know. Everyone has to start somewhere and lucky for you the folks in Sonoma County are really good at respecting the least that has been our experience. . . As far as wineries to visit, my first inclination is to say to take the tour at Korbel. First, it "goes" with such a monumental birthday event ( sparkling wines), and what I have seen about the tour and the facility leads me to think that it would be a great introduction for you."

Partial Snippet from yesilovewine (3/24/11)

Message Boards: Break Out of Your Rut!

winetasting2.jpgA recent post from someone who recently joined the Message Boards has fallen into the rut that many of us have when visiting Napa or Sonoma. We visit the SAME wineries we always visit. We've gotten comfortable, it's always a great experience, so why mess up a good thing, right? WRONG. Get out and explore!

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Have been reading your post for several years now, and finally signed up. I enjoy reading your insights and opinions, making notes for our next visit.

I would like to take advantage of your vast knowledge while planning our next trip to Napa/Sonoma. My wife & I have been visiting Napa area every other year since 2001. While have enjoyed every trip, we have a tendency to stick with the usual places. Yes, we like to do the tastings and buy wines, but really are drawn more to the whole package of a winery: detailed tours, the grounds, ability to walk the grounds/vineyards/caves, and really take in the beauty & workings of the place.

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Message Boards: Wine Tasting Without a Car?

platypusToursShuttle.jpgRecent question in the Napa Valley message boards:
Hi!! My husband and I are planning a much needed vacation from the east coast. I know nothing about Napa...are there places to stay where you will not need your car? Planning on REALLY and safely enjoying the vineyards! Thanks!!

Answers from one of our members:

Several options are available to you- book a tour with one of the reputable companies such as Platypus ( there are many out there, they just came to mind first) and plan to spend this time on a bus filled with a variety of folks who may or may not share your wine preferences. My experience is that the wineries to be visited are determined by a collective decision ( read: "majority rules").

You can hire a private driver/limo service to take you around and either leave it to them or share in the decision-making of where to visit, you can use a service called Napa Bee Driven and they will drive you in your vehicle to wherever you choose to visit.

In downtown Napa, there is a burgeoning collection of tasting rooms that would be within walking distance to several hotels and B&B's so you could taste there.

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