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Napa Valley Celebrity Sighting: Bill Gates at The Grill

By M.L. Hilton

(NAPA, CA) – I was enjoying my huevos rancheros at The Grill at Meadowood earlier this week. I am a connoisseur of this breakfast specialty, as my friends will attest, and ferret out the most delicious servings, but that is another story and I am getting off track.

It was a typically beautiful summer morning, not too early and not late. The temperature had not reached scalding yet (as has happened a couple of times this summer) and I was really liking the view and not reading my copy of the paper.

So, it was easy to be distracted by the conversation around me and to “accidentally” eavesdrop upon my neighbors. Yes, this is how rumors get started and I am about to repeat something heard on the Napa Valley grapevine.

The lively woman sitting one table down was chatting with a young couple across from her on the deck. She was recounting her lunch the day before (also at The Grill) when she and her lunch companions had a close encounter with a very important personage.

While this is clearly unconfirmed by the very discrete Meadowood staff, the woman was quite sure that it was Bill Gates and his wife who had dined al fresco overlooking the golf course. She definitely gave me the impression of someone in the know and I was intrigued by her account.

But not as much as the diner who apparently shared the same seat as the mogul. “Perhaps,” she said, as she finished her lunch and left her seat, “I will buy a lotto ticket today.”


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