Albariño: May 2008 Archives

By Courtney Cochran

As the chorus of tirades against trans fats swells to an almost deafening roar, it seems only just to pen a counter piece on fried foods.  After all, Americans still splurge - some more often than they'll admit around calorie-obsessed pals - on fare that's seen the fryer.

If the Fare Fits
And it just so happens that when it comes to the universe of food, fried items are among the most in need of a glass of wine to lend levity to their full flavors.  That's right, trans- or no, fats of all stripes are responsible for making dishes seem rich and filling thanks to fats' savory taste profile, while the highly seasoned (and yes, highly caloric) breading batter in which fried foods are often immersed prior to cooking packs some seriously intense flavors, as well.