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RECIPE: Gingerbread Spiced Sweet Potato - Plantain Mash

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When it comes to a special holiday dinner, traditional recipes are hard to beat. They're convenient and reliable and everyone expects to see them on the table year after year.

However, for a new take on the traditional sweet potato casserole, the chefs at The Culinary Institute of America suggest a Latin twist by making this side dish with plantains.

Click Here to watch more videos from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) highlighting many of their recipes perfect for any occasion.

Champagne - A Sparkling Addition to the Christmas Feast

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korbelChampagne.jpgChristmas brings families together, and the Christmas meal - whether Christmas dinner or Christmas brunch - ranks right up there with the gifts as one of the day's special highlights. Pairing that delicious Christmas feast with a wine equally delicious is easy and will make the meal a true celebration - just add champagne.

Champagne's reputation as a "special occasion" wine means many never discover champagne's compatibility and versatility with food. Brut champagne - with its bright acidity, tiny amount of residual sugar and lively sparkle - complements traditional Christmas dinners beautifully; from main courses like glazed ham, roast turkey, salmon, roast goose and chicken to side dishes like casseroles, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.

Which brut champagne should you serve with Christmas dinner?  One that combines quality and value always is a good choice. Korbel Brut California Champagne offers elegant fruit, imperceptible sweetness and a crisp, balanced finish - it's as wonderful with food as it is all by itself. Readily available and readily affordable, Korbel Brut makes buying champagne for Christmas dinner a snap and assures there will plenty to go around.