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A Hare-Raising Easter Brunch

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easter_bunny.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

You could say that everyone feels like a kid again at Safari West - and this Easter will be no exception. Come April 12, the exotic animal park that prides itself on cultivating "the spirit of Africa in the heart of wine country" will host "Hunt for the Hare," a unique Easter celebration that's sure to be a hit with kids both young and old.
Yountville, CA - Napa Valley Irishman Bob Hurley is getting ready to celebrate his own brand of Saint Patrick's Day at Hurley's Restaurant & Bar in Yountville. When March 17th rolls around most people come for the corned beef and cabbage - cured six weeks in house. But Chef Hurley also plans to get back to his roots in County Kerry and showcase what the Emerald Isle does best despite the short summers and rocky soil. He feels that the secret and beauty of Irish cookery lies in its simplicity. The menu, written in Gaelic, will feature Breac Bácáilte (whole baked trout with cockles, mussels, new potatoes and pearl onions), Gaelic Stú (Irish stew), Brat Caoireola (Irish farmhouse soup with peas, barley, carrots, onions and lamb), Ciste Visce Beatha (Irish whiskey cake) and of course his own corned beef and cabbage and more. Classic Irish potato preparations of the day will be Champ (mashed potatoes with melted butter and green onions) and Boxty (Irish potato pancake). For those who can't get enough of the restaurant's favorite dishes the regular menu will also be available.