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Easter Bunny In The Tummy

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By Deirdre Bourdet

I think rabbits are very, very tasty to eat.  I should disclose here that I had a pet rabbit as a young kid. Though soft, cute, and all the rest you would expect, my rabbit was a serious curmudgeon that hated to be picked up, petted, or otherwise distracted from his business of constant eating and pooping. Consequently, I feel no remorse in eating his brethren at every possible opportunity. And what better time than Easter?

The macabre appeal of an Easter bunny for dinner enchants far more people than I would ever have thought.  A few years ago I decided at the last minute to make an Easter rabbit, but incredibly, none of the local butchers had any unclaimed bunnies to offer in the last few days before the holiday. EVERY STORE had sold out. Clearly, my sick mind was not alone in craving some Easter bunny for dinner; it was just too slow to plan ahead to reserve one like everyone else.
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