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Sweet White Corn with Crab & Chive Oil

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The first appearance of local sweet corn is the inspiration for this heavenly soup. Capturing the fleeting flavors of summer, Chef Curry likes to create layers of interest in his food by creating both complementary tastes (that of the corn and the crab) and those flavors that act as contrasts (the sweetness of the corn and the smokiness of the bacon). The herbal undertones suggest the verdantness of the garden and the lightness that is life in the Wine Country in July and August.

Lamb Braciole Appetizer

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Lamb Braciole.jpgPiccolinos Cafe

Joe Salerno, Chef/Owner

Indulge in a slice of Italy when you taste old world Italian cuisine at Piccolinos Café located in downtown Napa. You will always find something unique at Piccolinos, where the highly creative chefs use the best local produce and fresh seafood to create delicious appetizers and entrees. Get cooking in the kitchen with this lamb appetizer recipe sure to delight everyone at your next dinner party!

Savory Goat Cheese Salad Dressing

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salad.jpgSubmitted by Adorable Purple Victorian

The organic gardens of the Adorable Purple Victorian are a culinary delight. Guests are welcome to harvest a light lunch from the salad and herb garden, that includes arugula, spinach, basil and a variety of lettuces in season. A nearby wine barrel is brimming with roma tomatoes, chives and dill. This creamy dressing is delectable on mixed greens, a baked potato or as a dip for fresh veggies.