Calistoga's Bed & Breakfast Morning Treasures

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brannanCottageRecipe.jpgWhy is staying in a bed and breakfast such a treat?? Two words-"The FOOD!". Calistoga is brimming with bed and breakfasts with wonderful, dedicated chefs all showcasing their delectable goodies Click below for these recipes and more....or better yet, just book a room!

Brannan Cottage Inn

Calistoga Wine Way Inn and Craftsman Inn

Chateau de Vie

The Chanric Inn

If you're not a culinary genius in the kitchen or would simply like someone else to be the chef for once,  like we a room!  Right now Calistoga is full of "Sweet Lodging Deals" making this a perfect time to book a fall or winter getaway, relax and enjoy life's little pleasures.  

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We used to live in Santa Clara in 1988 and September last year we went back to the San Fran area and took a trip up into Napa and on to Yosemite. Napa Valley was a nice trip, and your post reminds me of that, but the wine tantisgs we went to just seemed all wrong; maybe we did the wrong ones but it just seemed so commercial and we were part of the 'train' going through that day. Lovely Valley, and we enjoyed it, but next time I'll skip the tantisgs.

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