Stuffing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Stuffing is personal and subjective.  Everyone has their absolute favorites and some guests are just downright insistent that THEIR recipe is used for the big Thanksgiving Dinner  Sometimes the stuffing turns out great and we're grateful.  Other times, they are plain AWFUL and so we tend to skip that whole area on our plate for fear it contaminates the rest of our food!   So we ask you, what's been your experience with "the good, bad and ugly" of stuffing?  We've found a few stories and recipes to get you started...

Kasha:  "My favorite is stove top, I swear!  As embarrassing as that is, I can't help it.  I would eat it by itself!  The worst....LIVER or GIZZARDS  in my stuffing. That culinary practice should be BANNED!  I did have a relative insist on having her stuffing by the way.  It was okay....I missed my stove top."

Candi:   "Good Stuffing comes from my Grandma!  She makes hers from scratch including the cornbread. The bad and ugly came to me one holiday dinner at my brother's house. I asked what it was and my sister-in-law said STOVE TOP!  That is the WORST stuffing ever!!! UGHHHH. That is NOT how stuffing is supposed to taste.

Apple Bacon Cornbread Stuffing
"This colorful stuffing gets a slight sweetness from apples and a savory depth from onion and bacon."

Artichoke Parmesan Sourdough Dressing

"Created by Sunset reader Leslie Jo Parsons of Sutter Creek, California. (Sunset readers from all over the West have actually called Parsons to thank her for it too.)"

Apple, Shallot and Herb Dressing
"Whether to call the starch dish dressing or stuffing is a perennial debate at Thanksgiving tables. The term stuffing is usually used when it is cooked inside the turkey, while dressing is typically cooked in a baking dish."

Sourdough Stuffing with Pears & Sausage
"Sourdough bread gives the stuffing a tangier flavor than French bread, but you can use the latter in a pinch."

Panettone Stuffing
Recipe courtesy of Chef Micheal Chiarello

Herbed Bread Stuffing w/ Mushroooms & Sausage
"Making your own bread cubes is easy and yields delicious results."
You tell us!


Worst Ever Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

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I'm not really a fan of stuffing in general. Something about mushy bread just always throws my appetite off. I try to avoid stuffing like the plague. But some of these recipes actually sound somewhat good - like the apple bacon cornbread stuffing.

The story from twitter moms was hilarious!

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