Five Fun Things in Downtown Healdsburg

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healdsburgmarket2.jpgBy Deirdre Bourdet

(1) Healdsburg Farmer's Market.
One of the most famous farmers' markets in the Bay Area is mere steps from the square. Unusual heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers are only the beginning... local cheeses, meats, seafood, and breads round out the offerings and make it clear you are in a very delicious place.

Healdsburg Farmer's Market
Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings (check website for seasonal closure)
North and Vine Streets, Healdsburg
(2) The Cheese Shop. From absinthe lollipops to preserved grilled fennel to saffron-scented cheeses, to chocolates and caramels of every variety, this place has you covered. I've spent an hour here perusing the wares, and I still don't think I managed to inspect everything that they had. A fabulous, must-visit foodie mecca.
The Cheese Shop
423 Center St, Healdsburg
(707) 433-4998

Cyrus Rhubarbarella.jpg(3) The Bar at Cyrus. Being a Michelin-starred establishment, Cyrus tends to attract people who are serious about their food and drink and don't mind plunking down multiple hundreds of dollars for dinner. Fortunately, their trail-blazing artisanal cocktail menu is available in the bar on a first come, first-served basis starting at 5:00pm nightly. Seasonal ingredients and artisanal spirits combine in exciting and original ways... like the irresistible Rhubarbarella in the spring, or the summery Westside Bellini made with local white peaches.
29 North Street, Healdsburg
(707) 433-3311

(4) Artists and Farmers. This store wins the distinguished honor of being the only non-ingestible thing on my list. It looks and feels a bit like a MOMA gift store, except there aren't any posters for sale and the background music is much cooler. But you will find gorgeous hand-crafted accessories and jewelry, creative and startling transformations of found objects into functional things of beauty, antique winemaking and farming implements, and completely unique hand-made stationery and cards from artists near and far.
Artists and Farmers
237 Center Street, Healdsburg
(707) 431-7404

(5) Powell's Sweet Shoppe. An olde-time candy shop targeting children from age 2 to 102. Again, allow plenty of time to browse through all the neat stuff. Current movie-theater favorites, timeless classics (think Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper in glass bottles, Abba Zabbas, and Mary Janes), fun novelty items like the Grow Your Own Office Gossip doll, ice creams, and a large case of handmade truffles of every flavor... it's all here. Best hit after lunch.
Powell's Sweet Shoppe
322 Center Street, Healdsburg
(707) 431-2784

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just finished the last of the Abba Zabbas- High time to head back to Powells. I'm sure I can work a stop in for cocktails...

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