Cheeseburger Paradise

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cheeseburger.jpegBy Courtney Cochran

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board works hard to get its message across (and we're pretty sure it has something to do with cheese). So hard, in fact, that it's created a delectable organization called, fittingly, the Cheese & Burger Society. A quick troll around the society's expertly designed micro site reveals its core mission: To celebrate - in vivid color and alongside expert recipes - "the greatest cheeseburgers ever made." Amen.
The Cheese & Burger Society wants YOU
Complaint: The site ought to carry a warning label cautioning visitors that drooling has been known to occur upon viewing. Ergo, The Casanova (as in, the famed Italian lover and an unbelievably lush looking burger) features Wisconsin Swiss melted alongside the likes of sautéed mushrooms, Dijon mustard and ham in a fabulously plushy potato roll. Cue salivary glands! And the fun doesn't stop there: Francophiles will find familiarity and fulfillment in The Miss Daisy (which pairs up Wisconsin Brie with tomato, spinach, apple butter and brioche loaf), Southern hearts can't help but love The Honky Tonk (Wisconsin Brick Cheese and BBQ sauce, peppered pork, onion rings, mayo and sesame bun, oh my!), while rebels may be unable to resist the messiest of the bunch, The Farmer John, which tops a heart-stopping combo of beef, bacon, hash browns and white French bread with - naturally - a garnish of onion rings of parsley. Game on.

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Apparently more and more fast food joints are serving wine. If you live in Napa or San Francisco, you're most likely familiar with Taylor's Refresher. I love that you can order of a glass of wine. Apparently it's catching on.

Recent article in the news about it "You Want Wine with that burger?":

Not sure the American public will go for McDonald's serving wine with burgers. I think first they need to make really good burgers!

Same with Starbucks. Stop focusing on trying to get every piece of pie in the market and focus on just making good coffee that's not going to cost an arm and leg.

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