What's On Your Grill . . .

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Summer is here and that can only mean one thing (okay, maybe a couple) . . .

First - Throw as much as you can on the grill because who wants to slave all day cooking and cleaning in the hot kitchen?! 

Second: Your kids will tire of hot dogs and hamburgers every night for lunch and dinner so why not try out some new things on the grill. The banana and nutella panini sounds delicious for a snack or dessert!

Third: There is more to life than just grilling meat!  Vegetables, fruits, bread and a slew of other things can be grilled too!

That being said - check out some of the recipes below. Let us know how they turn out and don't forget to pair them with wine!  White Wines for Summer or Best Wines for BBQ. Happy Grilling!

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A favorite for my family is to grill zucchini drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper. We slice the zucchini long ways into strips and put it on the grill. It's an awesome fast and healthy side dish. We also like to grill pineapple slices, great snack as well. Its usually gone before you can get it to the table!

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