Twitter Tastes Worth Following: Culinary Sherpas

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sherpas.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

According to reputable sources, Twitter - that fashionable new medium for micro-blogging that my parents keep asking me about and that I keep - ahem - trying to get the hang of - has now officially become a "major source in breaking news" , so I thought it only fitting that I begin scouring the Twittersphere for hot new tips on food to report here. And so - with no further ado! - fasten your seatbelts for forthcoming features on top food Tweeters and their fare.
Hungry? #Food Your Way to a Full Stomach
Tampa, Florida-based husband and wife team, Greg and Michelle Baker AKA The Culinary Sherpas , are two foodies who've taken their amour of what's cooking onto the web in delicious style. With a Twitter steam followed by an impressive 1,263 followers as of press time (a fait accompli indeed, from a gal who's got just 271), the tattooed twosome pepper their web world with amusing Twitter musings like the following:

"Still gonna have Memorial BBQ on Sunday. Foie Gras, Escargot, and prob Chicken. Don't ask, we are drowning in foie and snails"

Both food stylists and co-owners of private events firm Cooks & Company the pair Tweet on everything from what's happening for them professionally to what they're cooking for Sunday BBQ - a refreshing combination that's perfectly suited to the hyper personal medium of micro-blogging (not to mention: what foodie wouldn't want to be "drowning in foie and snails" on Memorial Day?!).

Look forward to following what these two cook up next.

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