A Hare-Raising Easter Brunch

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easter_bunny.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

You could say that everyone feels like a kid again at Safari West - and this Easter will be no exception. Come April 12, the exotic animal park that prides itself on cultivating "the spirit of Africa in the heart of wine country" will host "Hunt for the Hare," a unique Easter celebration that's sure to be a hit with kids both young and old.
Egg-citing Adventures
At the heart of the adventure is a search for Mr. Hare - the six-foot-tall rabbit who will (surprise!) go missing from Safari West's Savannah Café before brunch.  Revelers are invited to jump aboard a safari vehicle to search for the oversized rabbit, who will later join guests for brunch (children leave Carrot Clues along the way to guide Mr. Hare back home).  An Easter Egg Hunt and face painting - kids can have their faces painted in the likeness of their favorite animal - round out the festivities planned for the day, which looks to have all the makings of a truly memorable occasion. 

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