Winter Comfort: Time for a Hearty Soup or Stew

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frenchOnionSoup.jpgNothing is better on a cold, winter evening then a hearty soups or stew. Share with us your favorite and see below for other recipes. Grab a baguette or garlic bread and happy soup eating!

Butternut Squash w/ Blue Cheese Timbale
St Francis Winery & Vineyards, Sonoma Wine Country

Lentil Soup with  Herbed Yogurt
"This is a hearty soup that is just delicious. Feel free to sprinkle a little more Mystic Moroccan Herb Rub as a garnish along with the yogurt if you so desire." - Made in Napa Valley

French Onion Soup
"Braised onions, bread, and melted cheese are the main components of this timeless dish, which epitomizes the robust cuisine of Parisian brasseries. To make it, you'll need six sturdy ceramic bowls that may be safely placed under the broiler. This recipe is based on one in Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells (Workman, 1989)." - Saveur Magazine

Beef, Beer, and Barley Stew
"I added white potatoes and left out the last step of beets and horseradish. I also added roux at the end to thicken the broth up a bit. The result was a hearty, tasty and soul-satisfying stew that was perfect for a rainy winter night. " -

White Bean Soup w/ Bacon and Herbs
"A great recipe...Thick and hearty with fresh flavors from the herbs. I used the quick soak method (bring beans to a boil then let sit for an hour, drain and rinse) and it came out perfect. I did not add all of the fat back in (just a drizzle), but scraped the pan and deglazed thoroughly for flavor" - Food & Wine

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