Falling for Fallfest

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fallfest2.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

San Francisco Magazine's annual Fallfest festival of food and wine   goes down soon - October 11, to be exact - and is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated food events of the fall season. After all, any event that transforms San Francisco's waterfront into a European-style epicurean market is just fine by me, particularly one that features a bevy of the Bay Area's top restaurateurs, winemakers, eco experts and artisans as its hosts.
Summer In the Fall
But quite possibly the best thing about Fallfest - with all due respect, of course, paid to its star-studded lineup of local epicurean talent - is the time of year it takes place. That's right: a little-known fact amongst non-San Franciscans is that September and October usher in the city's highly anticipated Indian summer. And while Jack London's famous line - "the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" - certainly rings true during most of June, July and August, fall brings out a far tamer side to San Francisco weather - a side, it turns out, that's perfectly suited to outdoor food and wine festivals. So those of you in search of terrific local talent, great food and wine, a deliciously good time and - as a backdrop for it all, what will in all likelihood be unbelievably good weather - head out to Fallfest. When it turns cold and rainy, you'll be glad you did.

$95 ticket includes plentiful food and wine tastings, access to local artisans, chef demos, live music, and a Riedel glass. Proceeds benefit Meals On Wheels.

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Regarding the above quote from Jack London - I had always thought it was Mark Twain's quote.

Yes, definitely Mark Twain

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