New Dining Option in Napa - Firewood Cafe

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NAPA, CA - As if there was not enough dining options already in the city of Napa, a new one just popped up in the Bel Aire Plaza - Firewood Cafe. Occupying a nice space across the ways from Wholefoods Market and a BBQ place I'm told is quite expensive, Firewood Cafe offers a happy medium for local lunch goers or the casual dinner crowd. It hails from good ol San Francisco with three other locations, Napa being it's fourth location.

The restaurant offers a slew of options ranging from salads, pizza, pasta, and rotisserie chicken to a few wood oven selections (jumbo prawns, pork loin, atlantic salmon, and beef rollatini). Oh, menu also includes a few wine selections, but definitely more of an afterthought on the menu if anything . Atmosphere is pretty laid back and with an Italian like food flare, it may remind you of the Pasta Pomodoro chain, but that is where the similarities end.

After trying the Italian Sausage Pizza, I'll definitely be back either for lunch or with a group of friends for dinner. It had the perfect blend of ingredients - crumbled italian sausage, green and red bell peppers, red onion, tasty cheese with a splash of herbs and Italian thin. I would have eaten the entire thing if I weren't watching my girlish figure!  My friend had the Proscuitto Pizza as recommended by staff. She too was not disappointed. 

Food is good, prices are good, atmosphere good....flies trying to take a swipe at my pizza and water, not so good. Word of advice to establishment - close the doors and turn on the air conditioning!

Swing by, check them out and share your thoughts!

Firewood Cafe
3824 Bel Aire Plaza
Napa, CA 94459
(707) 224.9660

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So excited to see someone else found the Firewood Cafe!! I found it by accident and decided to go in on a whim, I left full and more important satisfied with the food. Thought it was great one of the owners stopped by to see if all was good with our table and choices. Seems both owners are actually working the floor not just waling around watching the staff. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. I tried one of the 'flatbreads', very tasty... Cannot wait to go back and try other menu choices. Staff very friendly, service great, did not feel rushed. They offer inside or outside seating which works perfectly in this great weather the valley is having!

Went last nite. 1st time. "Lured" by postcard/coupon for free pizza. EZ parking, pleasant staff and surroundings. Free corkage. Order and pay at check-in counter where u get napkins and silverware and they open the wine and give u glasses. Comfortable tables or booths and outside patio dining. Food brought to table when ready, so if u don't want it all at once, don't order it all at once. Food attractive and hot. More than adequate portions, tho not huge. Prosciutto pizza very good as were tortellini with pesto cream sauce and baked Rigatoni. Good food, service and value. Will definitely go back.

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