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Summer Fruits & Dessert

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cranberries.gifOne of the best things about Summer is that so much fruit is finally in season! Bright red strawberries, juicy peaches and nectarines, grapes for days, and of course everyone's favorite - melons in every shape, size and color. Who knew yellow watermelon could be so good...

So what are you going to do with the mounds of fruit you pick up each week from your local farmer's market or grocery store? Well hopefully it's not dying a quick death as ripe fruits are known to do if not eaten in a day or two.

New Dining Option in Napa - Firewood Cafe

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NAPA, CA - As if there was not enough dining options already in the city of Napa, a new one just popped up in the Bel Aire Plaza - Firewood Cafe. Occupying a nice space across the ways from Wholefoods Market and a BBQ place I'm told is quite expensive, Firewood Cafe offers a happy medium for local lunch goers or the casual dinner crowd. It hails from good ol San Francisco with three other locations, Napa being it's fourth location.