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Surf to Your Local Farmers Market

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By Robert Farmer

Portland, Oregon: If you care enough about wine to read websites devoted to it (this one, for example), I'm guessing you also care enough about food to use the Internet to learn and make better decisions about food. So let me tell you about my new favorite website. It's called Culinate.com and it is one of the best among many food-related websites popping up from one end of the web to the other.

Crazy Over Corkage

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By Robert Farmer

Recently my wife and I ventured out for an increasingly rare night on the town for dinner without our new baby. To us, such an occasion is special, so we set out for one of our favorite special occasion restaurants in San Francisco.

Though the place isn't one of the high-voltage restaurants that most people in SF correlate with a special occasion, it is a local favorite, which consistently earns high marks with critics and area foodies alike. Also, they have an exceptional wine list to match their gorgeous menu.