Wine Country Personality: Jeff Cox

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JeffCox.jpgFrom Farm to Table

"I want to help people discover their unique preferences in fine wines so they become their own experts," says Jeff Cox, author and owner of From Farm to Table.

Jeff Cox has a very colorful background in wine and food, especially when it comes to writing. During his time as managing editor of Organic Gardening magazine in the 1970s, Jeff planted a vineyard on his property, learning to grow the vines, prune them, harvest the grapes, and make wine. In 1983, he put this hard-won information into a book, From Vines to Wines, that has become the standard work on the subject of do-it-yourself winemaking - from planting the grapes to aging the wine. It sold well over 100,000 copies and continues to sell well today.
In 2004, he completed his second wine reference, Cellaring Wine, a book that helps readers understand which wines will age well, how long to age them, the conditions needed for wine storage, how to keep a cellar log, and much more. Currently a Contributing Editor of The Wine News, Jeff writes frequently for many other wine publications as well, including Decanter magazine of London. And he's written extensively for The Wine Page in the San Francisco Chronicle.  

Jeff's knowledge of wine is only complemented by his extensive writings on food. His 2007 book, "The Organic Cook's Bible," was nominated for a James Beard Foundation award. At 550 pages, it contains 250 recipes, 200 color photos, and entries on nearly every vegetable, fruit, herb, milk, cheese, meat, oil, and other foodstuffs available in the United States. It was followed with "The Organic Food Shopper's Guide," both from John Wiley & Sons.

Jeffandwine.jpgWeekly restaurant reviews written by Jeff for the New York Times'- owned Santa Rosa Press Democrat (800 and counting, over the last 15 years) have sharpened and refined his palate.  His beat covers restaurants in Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties, with occasional forays into San Francisco for exceptional restaurants there; no small feat considering the area's reputation amongst food and wine lovers worldwide.
A low key guy, yet a veritable walking encyclopedia of all things food and wine, Jeff's next project is to condense what he's written about for years, and deliver it to a few lucky guests over the course of a weekend.  

To that end, Jeff brings all of his accumulated knowledge to events planned this summer by From Farm to Table, a full-immersion, hands-on, culinary weekend based in Sonoma.  Designed to give participants a full view of how food becomes great and wine, world-class, From Farm to Table does its own pairing - that of tour goers with artisan winemakers and wine country chefs.  The approach is fun, accessible, easy-going, and yet very much in depth.
"Over the course of a weekend, we'll follow the grape from ground to glass, and source the freshest and best seasonal items from local farms," says Jeff.  "Then we'll bring it all together, actually utilizing these ingredients at a hands-on, chef-led, group dinner finale.  Our goal is to give people the keys to culinary expertise the fun way, by tasting great wine and pairing it with Sonoma's best food." 

From Farm to Table weekends take place on select dates from June through October.  For more information call 707.538.5405 or visit    

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