Food Blogs to Make Your Mouth Water - Part I

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tea_cookies.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

Tea & Cookies
"It is the intersection of food and life that I find most fascinating," Seattle-based food blogger "Tea" explains of the MO behind her popular blog, Tea & Cookies, which focuses as much on the stories behind food as the good stuff itself. In a recent post, the professional writer - who goes by the pseudonym Tea to remain anonymous - chronicles her quest to make the perfect pita, a process that begins with a Sunday morning itch to bake and follows the author as she grapples with a fear of yeast and failed attempt at making her pita dough rise.
In addition to lush photography, the entry is sprinkled with candid commentary tracing the parallels between baking and life (a sampling: Time: we zip right through it, fill it up, throw it away, and never have enough.  Bread baking takes time, there's no avoiding it. You can't get the yeast to rise any faster than it's going to rise...It reminds me to slow down, be patient.).   In the end - as you might imagine - Tea's patience pays off with a brilliantly puffed pita.  

In all, it's an honest, endearing and educational look at the ruminations of an amateur chef, served up with a delicious side of life lesson. 

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