DIY Gourmand

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how_works_body.jpgBy Courtney Cochran

IKEA got it right:  Give design conscious customers appealing, easy-to-assemble furniture at reasonable prices, and - presto! - they score designer-caliber furnishings, a feeling of accomplishment and even cross the finish line with enough dough left in the bank to splurge on the matching ottoman.

Everyone wins.
Kitchen Confidential
In this sense, you might say that IKEA and San Francisco-based entrepreneur Nona Lim are cut from the same mold.  Lim - previously a management consultant - creates healthy, gourmet DIY meals that customers assemble in their own kitchens. And while her business, Cook SF! (, is only two years old, she's already built a dedicated following of Bay Area customers who crave delicious home-prepared meals but don't want the hassle of shopping for ingredients or spending hours rinsing, chopping and marinating (all ingredients arrive pre-seasoned, pre-chopped and ready for cooking).

Add to all this hormone-free meat, certified organic produce and convenient weekly delivery right to your door and you've got a winning combination.

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