Catherine Bergen

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Catherine Bergen:

Inspiring "Foodies" with Gourmet Every Day Cookbook

Over the past six years Catherine Bergen local culinary entrepreneur and founder of Made In Napa Valley®, has brought locals and visitors to a new level of cooking and entertaining with her premium-quality pantry foods inspired by the abundance and beauty of the Napa Valley.

She has developed over 70 intensely flavored gourmet food products which are made in small batches using the very best, all-natural ingredients. This attention to quality and freshness helped Made In Napa Valley win the National Association for The Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) 2004 Outstanding Product Line award, the most coveted in the specialty food business; as well as ongoing press accolades and two listings on the coveted "O" list in Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine.

Catherine brings her love of cooking and entertaining, inspired by the lush agricultural landscape and unique culinary lifestyle of the Napa Valley into kitchens across the country with the fall release of Made In Napa Valley Gourmet Every Day cookbook.

"Our book is all about helping you make delicious, healthy meals every day in a very short amount of time and we give you unique and fun recipes to entertain with confidence and ease."

Made In Napa Valley is dedicated to sharing the rich flavors, creative spirit and casual elegance of cooking and entertaining. The Napa Valley inspired, Gourmet Every Day cookbook expands a home chef's culinary horizons and recipe repertoire with time saving convenience, ease and pleasure. The book is filled with 188 easy and delicious recipes, colorful photographs of recipes and wonderful seasonal snapshots of the Napa Valley. Wine pairing suggestions are offered throughout the book by the "COPIA" WineGuys" Peter Marks and Burke Owens (COPIA, the American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts located in Napa). The Gourmet Every Day cookbook takes you into Catherine's kitchen and gives you an inside view of Napa Valley easy entertaining.

Whether it's creating a healthy meal in a short amount of time or a Saturday-night sit-down dinner party, these are dishes that are outrageously good, easy to create and you will be proud to serve.

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Yea!!!! Your famous.
Maria say you on TV the other day so I decided to find you. Did I????

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